April 21, 2021

We at Project STEP feel great relief that Derek Chauvin has been held accountable for the murder of George Floyd. We continue to mourn with the Floyd family as they deal with this horrific loss, and send our love and support to Project STEP’s own students, families, and community at this time of many emotions. When George Floyd’s murder ignited a world-wide wave of protests against police brutality last summer, we were hopeful that it would become a watershed moment in the quest for equity and justice for Black and brown people in America. Chauvin’s conviction marks an important—but small—step along this path.

After nearly 40 years of implementing programs that increase access and opportunities for children of color and help to diversify the world of classical music, Project STEP understands how slowly the pace of progress moves towards racial justice. In partnership with our many generous supporters, we will keep using classical music education to help inspire children of color to use their voices through this art. We will lift and amplify our students’ voices to help them advocate for themselves and others. Together, we can maintain hope as we travel the long road towards equity and justice.

Black Lives Matter. Our work continues.