At Project STEP, students who stand out for their skills and accomplishments are recognized each year as special Scholars. Named for people who made generous donations to support Project STEP’s students, the Scholars are strong role models for all students who strive to do their best in the program. The funds donated by those who support Scholars are used by Project STEP to help pay for the comprehensive curriculum of lessons, classes, ensembles, workshops, performance opportunities, and enrichment activities that all students receive.

Each of our named scholars has attained the highest level of musicianship for their age groups. They have won musical competitions while excelling in both their music and academic studies. In order to become a Scholar, students must demonstrate exceptional:

  • Merit – Demonstrating outstanding musical proficiency
  • Dedication – Displaying a strong level of commitment to practice and the persistence to achieve advanced proficiency that is applied to both their music and academic studies
  • Community Involvement – Showing a high level of interest and active engagement with their communities through special performances, ambassadorship, and goodwill


The Bond Scholars are awarded to a Junior Division student(s), grades 6 – 8, in good standing during the previous year. This award recognizes their exemplary involvement in Project STEP as we look forward to their continued success for years to come. The selection of the Bond Scholars is determined by the following criteria:

1. Merit–The scholarships will honor two Junior Division Students who have demonstrated proficiency on their instruments.

2. Dedication–The scholarships will be awarded to students who have demonstrated the high level of dedication to practice, hard work, and persistence necessary to achieve a high-intermediate level of competence on his/her instrument.

3. Community Involvement–The scholarships will recognize the outstanding level of community involvement the students have demonstrated through outreach performances.

2022/2023: Amalia Chavez Shirman and Kenry Meija
2021/2022: Laura Licata and Aaron duFrend
2020/2021: Giovanni Vasquez and Alba Gilabert-Reid
2019/2020: Vida Luckett and Suubi Laurent
2018/2019: Angela Wallace and Gui Vignon


A special thank you to the Boston Society of the New Jerusalem for their generous support in honor of Carlton Doctor. Note: proper to 2023 this was the George James Webb Scholarship.

2022/2023: Caleb Graupera
2021/2022: Xavier Ip
2020/2021: Nathan Theodore
2018/2019: Daniel Garita Chin
2017/2018: Isabel Garita Chin


The Arthur Kravitz Scholarship was established by Barbara Kravitz in 2007. In honor of her late husband Arthur Kravitz’s love for music, one advanced student will be selected each year to receive the award. Dr. Kravitz was deeply committed to Project STEP and passionately supported the program’s mission.

2022/2023: Lorenzo Ye
2021/2022: Amir Ali
2020/2021: Suubi Laurent
2019/2020: Christian Casiano
2018/2019: Nathan Theodore
2017/2018: Noah Kelly
2016/2017: Lauryn Phinney | Itsva Hernandez
2015/2016: Taylor Payne


In 2007, The Honorable Levin H. Campbell established an annual scholarship for one advanced STEP student in honor of his wife Eleanor. This annual award goes to a scholar that has been a long-term student of Project STEP.

2020/2021: Christian Casiano
2019/2020: Solomon Hearn
2018/2019: Tayja Sallie
2016/2017: Njioma Grevious
2015/2016: Tristan Flores

If you are interested in learning more about how to become a funder of a named scholarship for Project STEP, please reach out to