Music education is widely known to improve the lives of children. It helps them to develop confidence and social skills, and increases their chances of achieving academically. 

For over 40 years Project STEP has been a program that goes well beyond music education to support underrepresented populations and advocate for change in the classical music profession. Our students reflect our community and its beautifully diverse culture. The hard work and dedication of these young musicians and the commitment of their families is inspiring to all of us. 

The generosity of our community – those individuals and organizations that support Project STEP’s students and programs – has an enormous and direct impact on our students’ futures. Together, we can help them to become leaders, mentors to the next generation, and artists that inspire the world.

Did you know?

  • African American and Black musicians account for only 1.8% of our nation’s orchestras and Latinx musicians make up only 2.5%. (NY Times 2018)
  • Project STEP has been advocating for equity and inclusion in the arts and classical music field for 40 years.
  • 100 % of Project STEP graduates have gone on to college or conservatory.
  • Approximately 60% of Project STEP students go into the music profession.

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